Re: store or clone the Iterator

"Oliver Wong" <>
Thu, 07 Sep 2006 21:11:42 GMT
<> wrote in message

I have a LinkedList which stores some integer key.
For each key, I can use a computing function f() to get the
corresponding value.
In order to founding the key which has smallest value, I must work
through all key in the list.
Once found the key, I will remove the key from the list.
So I wrote the code as follow:

LinkedList<Integer> list = new LinkedList<Integer>();
...add some integer key to the list

ListIterator<Integer> it = list.listIterator();
ListIterator<Integer> it_save;
Integer min=Integer.MAX_VALUE;

//walk through all key in the list to found the key have minimum value
   int key =;
   int value = f(i);

   if(value < min){
       It_save = it;;

//remove the key which has smallest value

But the above code can not work correctly, have any method to store the
ListIterator variable while
scan the list ?

    If you can't change the data structure, you'll have to do 2 passes; once
to find the element of interest, and a second to remove that element.

    - Oliver

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