Re: the new for loop for Collections does not perform the same as the Iterator for Tomcat-sessions

Lew <>
Wed, 05 Sep 2007 09:26:55 -0400
phi wrote:


We tried the following code using JDK1.6 and tomcat 5.5 (and tomcat 6.0
as well) to enter a "note"-Object into a session.
The list-Variable is an ArrayList and therefore a Java Collection.

The new for-Loop does NOT do the job: the object "note" is always null
in the sesson.

    for(Note note : list){
        if(note.getNoteId() == noteId.intValue()){
            session.setAttribute("note ", note);

We converted to the old java style loop (using the iterator) and see:
it works!

    Iterator iter = list.iterator();
        Note n = (Note);
        if(n.getNoteId() == noteId.intValue()){
            session.setAttribute("note", n);

Any idea what is the differnce between the for(T t: c)-loop and the


The difference must be in the part of the code that you do not show us. Since
the syntax you say works has only raw types in it, I suspect your trouble
relates to generics abuse.

It is best to provide complete examples that illustrate your problem. (Google
for "SSCCE".)


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