Re: No coercion in for-each loop?

Joshua Cranmer <Pidgeot18@verizon.invalid>
Sun, 28 Oct 2007 18:19:19 GMT
Dave Stallard wrote:

  List list = new ArrayList();
  for (String s : list)

It says "Type mismatch: Cannot convert from element type Object to
String". It's fine if I change decl of list to List<String>, or coerce
list to List<String> in the loop decl;

Since many people have already belabored the correct answer to death, I
will attempt to merely provide another avenue for your pondering.

(Definitions, etc., provided from JLS 3 ?14.14.2)

Outside the context of the arrays, the foreach loop boils down to this:

for ( VariableModifiers_opt Type Identifier: Expression)

The `Expression', if not an array, must be an object of type `Iterable'.

For Iterable types, the for statement becomes equivalent to this statement:
for (I #i = Expression.iterator(); #i.hasNext(); ) {
    VariableModifiers_opt Type Identifier =;
    // Rest of loop

where #i is a unique, unused identifier, and I is the type of
Expression.iterator(). So in your case, this is the transformed for loop:

for (Iterator #i = list.iterator(); #i.hasNext(); ) {
    String s =;

Since the return type of the raw function is an Object,
you would have a compile-time cast exception in the transformed for
loop, and therefore you have one in the foreach loop.

The compiler doesn't mind the
code below, even though it causes a runtime type-cast error.

It does mind it: it throws an unchecked warning on the conversion
between list and ar, as required by JLS 3, ?5.1.9

 > So why can't it insert the cast to String in the loop setup? Am I
 > missing something?

 From JLS 3, ?5.1.9:
Unchecked conversion is used to enable a smooth interoperation of legacy
code, written before the introduction of generic types, with libraries
that have undergone a conversion to use genericity (a process we call
While the conversion is unsound, it is tolerated as a concession to

Without the generics, the compiler is forced to work off of the raw
return type of List's iterator method: Object. Since the conversion to
String cannot be verified.

Your setup uses inherently unsafe code to begin with: the compiler only
accepts it because to not do so would break too much code (hence the quote).

Since the introduction of foreach and generics go hand-in-hand, there is
no need to tolerate such unsound conversions.

Beware of bugs in the above code; I have only proved it correct, not
tried it. -- Donald E. Knuth

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