Re: Still no typedef

Lew <>
Wed, 05 Dec 2007 14:26:37 -0500
Robert M. Gary wrote:

On Dec 5, 10:16 am, Lew <> wrote:

Hunter Gratzner wrote:

You don't need typedef in Java, so there'd be no point to it.

C++ doesn't have generics, it has templates. Not even close to the same thing.

Well, I don't really have time to teach you C++ templates in this
thread but I think if you did some research you would have a better
understanding of what they do. Besides, I already tought one class on
this at the University you could have attended that or you can do your
own research.

Quite all right, I have certainly used C++ templates plenty in my C++ programming.

Now if the OP could show in concrete terms what a "typedef" might be in Java,
and how it would make any positive difference at all, we could have a
discussion. I am not seeing it - neither a reasonable definition of what a
"typedef" would be, nor how it would help.

I think as you gain experience in generics more in Java you will find
that by the time you delare the iterator, pass it a few classes for
its generic's parameters, then pass its contructor a container that
requires a couple of class for its generics description you will find
that declaring a single iterator can require more than one line of
code. Typedefs make this much cleaner.

I have been using generics for quite some time now. Since they came out, in
fact. I also constantly read material on their use, including frequent
re-reads of the Sun tutorials on the matter, and the JLS itself. My comments
were informed by that experience. Not that your /ad hominem/ remarks either
required a response or in any way addressed the points I made.

How about this declaration of an iterator and its use?

   List <String> names = fillNames();
   for ( String name : names )
     System.out.println( name );

Yep. Generics sure made that verbose.

As I pointed out, the "extra" use of "String" (ooh, that one-word overhead!)
serves a purpose - to guarantee the type safety of the String operations.

You still haven't shown any example of how a Java "typedef" would work. How
about in the scenario I presented?


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