Re: iterator problem with List of Files

Patricia Shanahan <>
Sat, 22 Dec 2007 19:22:04 -0800
Alan wrote:

     I am trying to iterate through a List<File>, but the compiler
does not like when I try to assign the next item to a File type. It
says that file and are incompatible types, but each item of
filelist is supposed to be of type File. The error occurs at the

File file =;

     The code may be found below. Note that the method listAllFiles
returns List<File>.

      What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Alan

List<File> filelist = listAllFiles(directory, "*.java");

for (Iterator it = filelist.iterator(); it.hasNext();)
    File file =;

More simply:

for (File file: filelist)

but if you want to do it the old way, you could indicate what the
Iterator iterates:

for (Iterator<File> it = filelist.iterator(); it.hasNext();)
    File file =;


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