Re: Removing object from arraylist when pointed to by iterator

Tom Anderson <>
Sun, 24 Aug 2008 23:13:54 +0100
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On Sun, 24 Aug 2008, softwarepearls_com wrote:

On Aug 24, 3:00?am, ""
<> wrote:

I have an arraylist of objects of a certain type. ?I use an iterator on
that arraylist to get the next instance of the object, using the method. ?But if I succeed in performing an operation on
the object, I want to remove the object from my arraylist. ?The
question is how I remove it without calling .next() again, since that
will remove the next one, not the current one? ?ie. ?If I am currently
working on the object at position 4 in the arraylist (through the
iterator), I want to remove the object at position 4. ?But I don't know
what position the object is in because I got it through the iterator.

I would say you're caught in the iterator "routine" so many fall prey
to... you should not be using an iterator when working with an ArrayList
! You should be iterating the "old fashioned" way ... using direct
get(int) .. these don't entertain the concept of
ConcurrentModificationException. It's faster too.

No. I mean, this is just really terrible advice. Please don't ever give
anyone advice again. You're really not helping.


In Milan, [traffic lights] are instructions, in Rome suggestions, and
in Naples Christmas decorations. -- James Dowden

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