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Just noticed a 'hidden feature of Java' ;)

Removing items an ArrayList (at least with an Iterator)
takes ages.

    If the ArrayList contains a lot of items, yes. No,
wait, for "yes" read "of course" or even "obviously."

Better - while not obvious - solution is to create an
new ArrayList with the remaining elements.

    Depends on how many items there are, how many you're
deleting, and where they're positioned.

So it seems. removal is futile.

    Nonsense. No, wait, for "nonsense" read "balderdash"
or even "baloney." If you brush your teeth with a broom
and have an unpleasant experience, it does not follow
that brushing your teeth is futile.

* Loaded 223673 addresses
* Sorting...
* Merging...
* Merged 22577 address ranges.

Removed 22577 items from 223673. Don't know it that is many or not.

It is many.

If all the items were removed first in the list you would have moved
approx. 4.8 billion elements because ArrayList is backed by an array
and need to move things around after a delete.


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