Re: iterators

Daniel Pitts <>
Wed, 05 Aug 2009 23:20:14 -0700
Eric Sosman wrote:

Daniel Pitts wrote:

What I would *love* is an iterator that can be made smart enough to
not throw ConcurrentModificationException if the modification can be
proven to be non-conflicting (such as appending to a list, or removing
a node from a linked-list, which is not any node being pointed to by
the iterator.)

    Can you give some examples of situations where you've wished you
had such a thing?

I have a simulation involving robots which can shoot at each other.
Once a robot is destroyed, it is removed from the list. At the time
that damage is dealt, I am already iterating through that list.

This means that I must go through the list afterward and remove the dead
robots, instead of removing them as they die.

This is a simplified example. The list itself may contain other objects
(such as missiles, mines, etc...) each of which may cease to exist
and/or inflict damage at any time.

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