Re: Can you write a foreach loop like this?

Daniel Pitts <>
Tue, 01 Dec 2009 12:43:07 -0800
Kevin McMurtrie wrote:

In article <>,
 Fencer <> wrote:

Say I have a List<SomeClass> and now I want to loop through the list but
I am only interested in the String representation of the SomeClass objects.

Do I have to do it like this:

for (SomeClass inst : aListOfSomeClass) {
     String str = inst.toString();
     // Do something with str


I don't really care about each instance objecct here, just the string
represenation of each instance, so is it possible to do something like
the following non-valid code (and here I imagine toString() being called
on each element):

for (String str : aListOfSomeClass.toString()) {
     // Do something with str

Hope I made sense, thanks!

- Fencer

Java always has a hard way :)

public class StringItr implements Iterable<String>
  final Iterable m_target;

This should be an Iterable<?>

  public StringItr (Iterable i)

Same for this Iterable

    m_target= i;
  public Iterator<String> iterator()
    return new Iterator<String> ()
      final Iterator i= m_target.iterator();

make this an Iterator<?>

      public boolean hasNext()
        return i.hasNext();

      public String next()
        return String.valueOf(;

      public void remove()

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