Re: Unable to read after commit () with JPA

Lew <>
Thu, 13 May 2010 09:38:31 -0400
carmelo wrote:

I developed a CRUD application using TopLink Essentials as persistence
provider. I've got the following problem:

These days "[a]s of Oracle TopLink 11g, TopLink Essentials has been replaced
with EclipseLink JPA. EclipseLink JPA implements JPA 1.0 and is responsible
for delivering the persistence framework."

I have to save data according to the master-details scheme, but I can
not read that unless restarting the application, even if they are
already physically on the database before restarting.

In practice, I read master/details of an offer and transform them into
master/details of an order, storing them on db.

Since these data are generated within another transaction, I created
another EntityManager called entityManager2.

Robert addressed this point.

This is the code I'm using:

org.jdesktop.application.ResourceMap resourceMap =
EntityManager entityManager2 =

That package name does not conform to the naming conventions.

You're not providing an SSCCE, and you should.

Use imports to make your code more readable.

try {
         int numOrdine = 0;
         Object res = entityManager2.createQuery("SELECT
MAX(o.numOrdine) FROM Ordini o WHERE o.anno
= :anno").setParameter("anno", anno).getSingleResult();

A transaction for a SELECT??

And you declared the variable 'Object'. Tsk, tsk.

         if (res != null) {
             numOrdine = (Integer) res;

As Robert said, lack of MVC separation here shows that you have a messed-up

         //create order from offer


         //master order
         int index = masterTable.getSelectedRow();

Huh? 'masterTable'? What's that?

         offerta.Offerte of =

Huh? 'list'? What's that?

         ordine.Ordini ord = new ordine.Ordini();

         //details order
         Collection<offerta.Dettofferte> ds = of.getDettofferteList();
         Iterator<offerta.Dettofferte> iter = ds.iterator();
         int rows = detailTable.getRowCount();

Huh? 'detailTable'? What's that?

         for (int idx = 0; idx< rows; idx++) {
             offerta.Dettofferte dettoff =;
             ordine.Dettordini dettord = new Dettordini();



'close()' should be in a 'finally' block.

} catch (RollbackException rex) {

Would you have any advice?

I hope you can help me. Thank you very much in advance!

The point of JPA is to give the application an object model of data. I don't
see that here.


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