Application wide variables with Tomcat/Axis

"pitthekid" <>
20 Sep 2006 06:01:39 -0700

I have installed axis on Tomcat and a few WebServices.

My Problem: I want to have a >>APPLICATION WIDE OBJECT<<, which you can
reach from a WebService as well as a Java Application which is running
on this server.

I would like to have something similar to the Session Object on a Web
Page where you can add and remove items.

The Programm Codes who share a Class called MyQueue, which is a Class
which holdes
all the processes.

WebService1(Pseudo Code)/**Fills Queque with new Datasets*/
  public boolean fillQueue(int GUID, String ProcId){
         MyQueue myqueue = getLivingQueue(); //This function shell give
me the actual queque,

//NOT a new one!!
       MyQueueDataset oneDataSet= myqueue.create() ;//Create a new

                            //in the Queue.
      return true;

WebService2:(Pseudo Code)/*Find out Status of certain Queque*/
public String getStatusOfGUID(int GUID){
       MyQueue myqueue = getLivingQueue(); //This function shell give
me the actual queque,

//NOT a new one!!
       MyQueueDataset oneDataSet = myqueue.getByGUID(GUID);
       return oneDataSet .status;

A Job:(Pseudo Code)/*Try to proceed DataSets which havent proceede
Class Watcher(){
int static main(){
MyQueue myqueue = getLivingQueue();
   ArrayList allJobsNotDone =
  while(allJobsNotDone.hasNext() ){
       MyQueueDataset notJetSuccesfullProceedeJob =;
      //Now we call a function which lets say try to put the values

     //of notJetSuccesfullProceedeJob into a database.
     proceed(notJetSuccesfullProceedeJob );


Is this possible just with Tomcat?
Do I need a Messaging System (JMS) or something?

I would appreciate help very much.

Thanks in advanced,

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