Re: Simple java question...

Moiristo <>
Mon, 21 Aug 2006 16:44:40 +0200
M.J. Dance wrote:

gbattine wrote:

Hi guys,
please help me with this simple java question.
I'm developing a jsf application but i have a java question.
Suppose i have an authentication bean with 3 attributes,login,password
and team that load the values inserted in a login page.
In another bean i have a method that performs inserting an experiment
into a db.
My prepared statement is like...

pst2.setString(1, name);
pst2.setString(2, team);
pst2.setString(3, platform);

but i want name is the login attribute and team the team attribute of
How can i pass these values to my pst.2setString?

Your "authentication bean with 3 attributes", say it's named auth,
probably has the means of aquireing such data. Either a public field or,
more likely, a getter of some sort. Like that: or
auth.getName(). Stick that into pst2.setString().

BTW: this is really basic stuff. You should do some RTFM on the subject
(Java as well as JSF).

I think he means that he wants to know how to use a backing bean in
another class. Although it's true that some RTFM would not be a bad
thing (:D). On topic, I use a static function to evaluate registered
javabeans (not my own idea). Create a class with this method:

public static Object eval(String expr) {
         FacesContext context = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
         ValueBinding binding
             = context.getApplication().createValueBinding(expr);
         return binding.getValue(context);

noy you can retrieve a managed bean in any class by calling:
    Object bean = ViewUtils.eval("#{managed_bean_name}");

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