Re: Accessing datatable row....

Jon Martin Solaas <jon.martin.solaas@jahoo.nei>
Fri, 25 Aug 2006 18:04:38 +0200
gbattine wrote:

Hi guys,
i need a little help.
I've developed a datatable and an actionListener as commandlink for
each row,when it's clicked an insert on a table is performed.
The problem is that when i insert value and click my table is filled
with null values!
I think the error is in actionListener,can you help me?

public void editBiosample(ActionEvent event) throws SQLException {
    FacesContext facesContext=FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
    setBiosampleItem((Biosample) getBiosampleDataTable().getRowData());
    DataSource dataSource = Singleton.getInstance().getDataSource();

    Connection conn = dataSource.getConnection();

    Biosample bean6 = (Biosample) ViewUtils
    if (conn != null) {
    PreparedStatement pst3 = null;
    pst3 = conn .prepareStatement("INSERT INTO
    pst3.setInt(1, 11);
    pst3.setString(2, "ciao");
    pst3.setInt(3, nrows);
    pst3.setString(4, bean6.getExtractionMethod());
    pst3.setString(5, bean6.getAmplification());
    pst3.setString(6, bean6.getHybridation());
    pst3.setString(7, bean6.getLabel());
    pst3.setString(8, bean6.getExpFact1());
    pst3.setString(9, bean6.getExpFact2());
    pst3.setString(10, bean6.getExpFact3());
    pst3.setString(11, bean6.getExpFact4());


The values i return from bean6 are NULL!
Can you help me?It seems the data aren't loaded into row object....
Thanks very much

Use a debugger and check the attributes of bean6 to see if they actually
have values and aren't null. Or use the classic
System.err.println(bean6.getExtractionMethod()); and so forth ...

I don't see any obvious errors in the code...

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