Re: jni mouse hook

patrick boulay <>
Wed, 09 Aug 2006 03:33:37 +0800
thank you but the text is in a non java program running on windows
that's the reason I want to use jni and c++

Remi Arntzen wrote:

patrick boulay wrote:

I need from java/swing to grab the text at mouse position ( windows xp )
anyone with some jni/C/C++ hack I could start up with

java.awt.Point xy = java.awt.MouseInfo.getPointerInfo().getLocation();
//for starters.
//and convert image to text... but I think I'm on the wrong path....

java.awt.Component component =

java.awt.Component lastComponent = component;

while (!(component instanceof JLabel)) {
    component = component.getComponentAt(java.awt.Point);
    if (lastComponent == component) {
        break;//not found
    lastComponent = component;

if (component instanceof JLabel) {
    String desiredText = ((JLabel) component).getText();

I have never used this method so as far as I know the worst case
scenario is repeatedly calling this method until you reach a
subcomponent (i.e. multiple nested container components) that contains
text such as a JLabel, JTextArea, or its awt equivalents and then
access the text of that component. On the other hand the method may
just return the deepest nested component.

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