Re: Suspending and resuming JNI thread

Gordon Beaton <>
30 Nov 2006 10:34:44 GMT
On 30 Nov 2006 01:45:54 -0800, wrote:

What my question is .. how can i suspend and resume JNI the thread

Thread methods suspend(), resume() etc are deprecated:

At any rate, your native thread cannot be forced to suspend or exit,
it needs to *cooperate* with the controlling thread. The easiest way
is to periodically call a Java method that can wait on a semaphore.

One way is to create a new instance of the following class, to pass to
your native method:

  public class Suspender {
    private boolean cancelled = false;
    private boolean suspended = false;

    public synchronized boolean wait_here() {
      try {
        while (suspended) {
      catch (InterruptedException e) {
        cancelled = true;

      return cancelled;

    public synchronized void suspend() {
      suspended = true;

    public synchronized void resume() {
      suspended = false;

    public synchronized void cancel() {
      cancelled = true;

From the native method, periodically call wait_here(). If the
controlling thread calls suspend(), the native thread will block in
the next call to wait_here(). When the controlling thread calls
resume(), the native thread will continue.

If the controlling thread calls cancel(), wait_here() will return
true, signalling the native method to return.


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