Re: Multiple image sizes in frame icon (window icon) in Swing

"Larry Barowski" <MElarrybar-AT-eng_DOT_auburnANOTHERDOTeduEND>
Mon, 12 Feb 2007 18:15:43 -0500
"Dan Polansky" <> wrote in message

Larry, that is a good news. Do you know or have a link on how to do it
using JNI, at least for Windows? Dan

Following is what I use to load small and large icons from a
..ico file. I stripped out a caching mechanism, so it may not
compile as-is. Of course, if you've never used jni you'll have
to figure that out as well.

JNIEXPORT void JNICALL Java_nativ_W32Native_setIconX(JNIEnv *env,
      jclass obj, jobject wnd, jstring icon_path) {
   JAWT awt;
   awt.version = JAWT_VERSION_1_3;
   if(JAWT_GetAWT(env, &awt) == JNI_FALSE)

   JAWT_DrawingSurface *ds = awt.GetDrawingSurface(env, wnd);
   if(ds == NULL)

   jint lock = ds->Lock(ds);
   if((lock & JAWT_LOCK_ERROR) != 0) {
      return; }

   JAWT_DrawingSurfaceInfo *dsi = ds->GetDrawingSurfaceInfo(ds);
   if(dsi != NULL) {
      JAWT_Win32DrawingSurfaceInfo *dsi_win =
      HWND win_handle = dsi_win->hwnd;
      if(win_handle != NULL) {
         LPTSTR icon_path_str = (LPTSTR)GetString(env, icon_path);
         HICON icon, icon_sm;
         bool found = false;
         icon = (HICON)LoadImage(NULL, icon_path_str, IMAGE_ICON,
             GetSystemMetrics(SM_CXICON), GetSystemMetrics(SM_CYICON),
         icon_sm = (HICON)LoadImage(NULL, icon_path_str, IMAGE_ICON,
             GetSystemMetrics(SM_CXSMICON), GetSystemMetrics(SM_CYSMICON),
         if(icon != NULL)
            SendMessage(win_handle, WM_SETICON, ICON_BIG, (long)icon);
         if(icon_sm != NULL)
            SendMessage(win_handle, WM_SETICON, ICON_SMALL, (long)icon_sm);

         ReleaseString(env, icon_path, icon_path_str);


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