Re: package und static classes

Lew <>
Wed, 21 Feb 2007 09:38:32 -0500
Szin schreef:

Im new to Java and hav a Problem compiling a package:
To Simplest classes are in my package. When ich try to compile the
second it gave me a "Cannoc find symbol : variable MyTestClass"
pointing to the MyTestClass behind "double z="
Any suggestions? How can i declare that MyTestClass is not a variable
but a static class?

// File mypackage\MyTestClass

public class MyTestClass
  static public double myTestAdd( double a, double b )
        return a+b;//z;

// FIle mypackage\MyWebServiceClass2

package mypackage;

public class MyWebServiceClass2
  public double myWebServiceAdd( double a, double b )
    double z = MyTestClass.myTestAdd(a,b);//MyJNIClass.myJNIAdd(a, b);
        return z;

Hendrik Maryns wrote:

You need to import MyTestClass into this class, or use its fully
qualified name. That is, either

// FIle mypackage\MyWebServiceClass2

package mypackage;

import mypackage.MyTestClass;

public class MyWebServiceClass2

Not true. Both class files are in the same directory, mypackage/, therefore
both should be in the same package, and no import statement needed.

What you actually need to do is put the package declararion in MyTestClass,
not the import ion MyWebServiceClass2.

Incidentally, putting the word "Class" in a class name is unnecessary and
actually not good style. It is, however, frequently done in exercises for
pedagogical reasons.

- Lew

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