Re: To minimize the java window tosystem tray

"Oliver Wong" <>
Fri, 05 May 2006 21:22:13 GMT
"Percy" <> wrote in message

I am programming a application which is based on socket .

And i want that it starts at system startup and a method which can
minimize the java frame to system tray so that the client can't notice
it .

    Java 1.6, which is coming out soon, is supposed to have support for the
system tray.

Or i want that it even can't be at system tray ,it should be hidden
process like the processes which we see in task manager's processes

    Isn't this just like writing a regular Swing application, except you
never actually call setVisible(true)?

And one more thing how i can make the process in a waythat it cant
be stopped ,like explorer.exe,and if someone end it the system also
gets shutdown.

    Not sure that it can be done in a platform independent way. Sounds like
you're mostly interested in Windows though. Maybe use JNI in combination

    - Oliver

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