Re: applets being cached?

"Andrew Thompson" <>
15 Aug 2006 12:40:21 -0700
yawnmoth wrote:

Andrew Thompson wrote:

yawnmoth wrote:
The best (& only reliable) method I've found is to
tell the JVM to load the classes afresh. This can
be achieved by opening the Java console ....


...and typing 'x' to clear the classloader cache.

It wouldn't be possible to do that from the commandline, would it?

The browser must be loaded for the JVM to be
loaded (for the cache to be cleared).

So - no. Not without some JNI magic, in any case
(in which case, it would be both platform and browser
specific AFAIU).

OTOH - if you use the command line to launch the
appletviewer (have you looked at the documentation
on it?) it makes the entire question moot.

ask because I'm currently using a batch file to call javac (since its
exact path is kinda long). Clearing the cache doesn't seem all that
unreasonable a thing to do from it, either...

Clearing the cache is entirely unnecessary when using
either of the methods that you trimmed.

Why do neither of those suggestions work for your

Andrew T.

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