Re: nearest router

Mark Space <>
Sat, 04 Nov 2006 03:22:44 GMT

 thanks anyway
Daniel Pitts wrote: wrote:

hi !

 is there a java command or a property that I can check ?

probably i can use traceroute, but it will be difficult because i use a
pocket pc ? wrote:

The nearest router is the default gateway. There are some commands that
shows that, may be you can invoke the in your java programme. wrote:

hi !

 I would like to know if there is a way to retrieve the ip or the name
of the nearest router when we send a socket ?


Maybe knowing why you need this, we'd be able to give more help.
Generally with network programming, you're not supposed to care/know
about the route. Information is generally sent in the form of
"packets" into a black box (the internet) and comes out the other side
in the same packet form.

If you really must know the first IP in the route, then you need to
find a system specific way (try a networking newsgroup maybe?) and
implement it using JNI or an external process call. wrote:
 > Hi,
 > I will try with a network newsgroup, but I sent my question here
 > because i'am doing an homework in java. The reason I would like to know
 > the first router (nearest one) is because i want to be able to know
 > where is the person with the pocket pc. I was supposed to do something
 > with infrared access point but the project aborded. So i was thinking
 > that maybe it was possible to do something with the ip data from the
 > network. Like, my pocket pc can send a packet in a specified interval
 > of time to a server and the server or the pocket pc could determine the
 > position with the info. from the nearest router. In the university we
 > are using wireless network...

Hmm, I think "do something" is the problem here. Do what? You're a
coder in search of a customer.

I think first you should investigate Java thoroughly. You'll have to
know it really well if you are going to do tricky networking. Next
you'll have to figure out exactly what it is you want to do.

Java is a very high level language. Think further up the computer food
chain. Determining locations of close-by systems is relatively low
level. You should also check out some books on TCP/IP to learn it
better. Not programming books, per se, but books on how TCP/IP works.
Something like The Protocols (TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 1) by W.
Richard Stevens .

Anyway, a neat app might be a Java applet than anyone can download on
their PC (pocket or otherwise) and chat over the wireless network.
It'll need a central server to send all the chat messages to and
download the app from.

Good luck.

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