Re: Research question

"Andrew Thompson" <>
12 Dec 2006 10:47:26 -0800
Cut wrote:

I'd like to create a Java program that accepts and decodes H.264
streams. My current understanding is that support for this codec,
especially in Java, is nonexistent.

Sun's only media offering is JMF, which is effectively
(if not actually) abandoned. The list of media formats
codecs supported is here..

.. I'm aware of a low-level C/ASM API
that decodes H.264 fast.

Is it possible to use Java to interface with a low-level C/ASM API?

JNI should connect you with any native code, so long
as the right 'hooks' exist (JNI is not my area).

Is that low-level stuff developed for each platform, or
are you looking to support only specific OS's?

Can I do it with an IDE?

Ummm... You mean write the code?

It is possible to write this code using an IDE.
It is most likely also possible to launch/debug
this code using an IDE. Whether *you* can do
it using *your* IDE, is a matter between you
and your IDE. ;-)

Andrew T.

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