Re: I need to retrieve an Object[] of all keys in java.util.Hashtable

"Oliver Wong" <>
Wed, 14 Feb 2007 13:35:04 -0500
"Hendrik Maryns" <> wrote in message

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Wow how on

earth does one person know something as vast as Java? It's like
memorizing "War and Peace" letter by letter..

If you would read parts of War and Peace every day, eventually you'll
know it by heart too. Think about Jehovah's witnesses, they seem to
know the Bible even better than letter by letter.

    If I were to follow the analogy, I'd say most Java programmers haven't
memorized War and Peace letter by letter. A lot of us know the general gist
of the first couple of chapters (the J2SE parts), what protagonists are
involved, and how they behave towards one another. If we really need to know
the exact spelling used in a particular paragraph ("Color" or "Colour"?) we
can look it up pretty quickly (via the JavaDocs), or have smart IDEs that'll
tell us automagically. Some of the programmers have read the later chapters
(J2EE, J2ME, JNI, JMF, other stuff beyond basic J2SE), but many haven't, as
it isn't relevant for what they need to accomplish for their day jobs.

    - Oliver

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