Re: Using the word java as part of a package name

Lew <lew@lewscanon.nospam>
Wed, 25 Jul 2007 18:01:33 -0400
Mangalaganesh Balasubramanian wrote:

Is there any restricion on using java as part of my package name.

For eg,

The JDK do not complain when i compile the code but i wanted to hear
what people do?

I was under the impression that the java as part of the package name
should only be used by the JDK libraries/classes.

Daniel Pitts wrote:

There is no technical restriction, but I wonder why you would want to?
If its a java package, then its clear that its java. The one thing I
would absolutely avoid is having the package name START with "java".

Right. The rule is:

Names of packages intended only for local use should have a first identifier that begins with a lowercase letter, but that first identifier specifically should not be the identifier java; package names that start with the identifier java are reserved by Sun for naming Java platform packages.

Also, I would suspect that use even further down the package hierarchy,
besides being useless, violates Sun's trademark.
(and any other Sun copyright page)

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