Re: Debugging java memory usage in tomcat

=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Arne_Vajh=F8j?= <>
Sun, 25 Nov 2007 18:49:05 -0500
<474a09ed$0$90271$> wrote:

I have tomcat5. installed on a Windows 2003. Tomcat was installed as
part of a Custtomer application. Tomcat runs as a Windows service, and
one can see tomcat5.exe process in task manager. When I access the web
site of my third party application, I see thread count of tomcat5.exe
increase as well memory usage increase. I do not however see any jvm
process in task manager. When I look at vendor's script for setting up
windows service using tomcat5.exe, I do find references to java and
various jvm options such as minimum and maximum heap sizes.

I want to find find how much memory on the heap is allocated as
people access the web site. I know in java console, I can set some
debugging/tracing parameters but they do not seem to take in effect
with tomcat service. Why?

Appreciate any pointers on where java process is for tomcat and how to
monitor its memory usage.

I assume that the tomcat5.exe process is the Java process (using JNI
to activate Java).

A quick glance at service.bat indicates that you can specify memory
settings there (when defining service).

It is easy to monitor memory usage via a simple JSP page.


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