Re: C->JNI->fast webpage updates?

Mark Space <>
Wed, 06 Feb 2008 20:03:21 GMT
Daniel Pitts wrote:

I'm not proposing anything, however, I'm thinking an applet is the
only way that will do it. I'm asking to see how others have shown or
would show data rates that come in this quick in a web page, how to
update this part of the page this quickly.

Ah. so perhaps we all misunderstood what you wanted...

When a user connects to your web-app, they download the latest HTML
available. We all assumed you wanted to serve them with the most
up-to-date info at that time, but it sounds like you want their browser
to continuously update without them having to refresh the page. There
are several ways to achieve this, but the techniques involved are
orthogonal to the use of JNI to retrieve data.

An applet would connect to a server via sockets. No JNI required there.
  And I like sockets better than trying to fake pushing data with HTTP
anyway. Consider a desktop app delivered by JWS.

If you must use applets, look strongly at a socket interface. This
might save you a lot of effort.

Just curious: what format does the C lib deliver the data in now?

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