Re: Do you suggest me using IDE when I'm learning JAVA

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Some languages may not even be that suited for writing IDE's. I am
not sure that writing a Fortran IDE in Fortran would be optimal.

depends on the variety of Fortran, but admittedly I would not likely do

The last real Fortran was 77.


if I were to pick a language for the task of writing an IDE, personally I
would likely pick either a mix of C and C++ (my typical major-use

Java or C# seems more obvious to me.

the big downside of C and C++ is that there is no really good and portable
ways to do GUIs, leading to issues here no matter which route is chosen.
typically I have done GUIs via OpenGL, but admitted there are a few
drawbacks here as well...

An IDE does not need the OpenGL capabilities.

maybe C#, the big downside here being portability, the main upsides here
being easy access to C land (via C++/CLR, ...) and ability to use Windows

C# with Mono for *nix and GTK# instead of WinForms could work fine.

And you do not even need to use mixed mode C++ to access
C code - p/invoke will do fine for that.

I might consider Java, but I am not certain that the language design is that
optimal for this sort of tool (and integration between C and Java code is
typically not, exactly, pleasant...). not that it is difficult to integrate
them, mostly it is just unpleasant.

Java should do fine for IDE. There are lot sof IDE's written in Java.

JNI is a bit cumbersome, but I don't think an IDE need JNI at all.


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