Re: Aspect questions?

Lew <>
Mon, 27 Feb 2012 17:37:51 -0800
Novice wrote:

But then assuming we're agreed that all of _my_ classes should NOT write to
the same log - let alone every class in the world! - what is the proper
scope of a log. I could be persuaded that each application should write its
own distinct log, although I'm not sure we'd have the same definition of
application in mind. A better scope for logs would probably be all the
applications that belong to system X, where X might be the company's
payroll system, consisting of many applications and hundreds of classes.
What is your view of what the scope should be?

You do ask very good questions.

Each program should have its own log. I don't know what you mean when you say
"project", but conventionally a project is tied to one specific program or

Lots of loggers but only one log.... Yes, I need to get my head
around that and think of how that works. Maybe rereading that
logging overview will make that sink in....

Or thinking about many arrows hitting one target.

That works too.

Are there not many targets at the archery range?

I'm not an archer but I seem to remember seeing archery ranges on TV shows
that had several targets....

And as there is a different target for each archer, there should be a
different log for each program.

Really, I've already given you the advice you need to answer your own
question. I told you to design logs to benefit people who need them to

How will it help an operations engineer or reliability engineer to have to
sift through dozens of applications' output to find what they need? It's bad
enough to sift through one application's log, especially the way most
programmers fail to think through their logging output.

Put it in the place in the classpath that matches the location
specified in the 'getResource()', use a "-D" parameter to the "java"
command as suggested upthread,

I just spent half an hour looking for that post and I cannot find it. I
skimmed each and every post in the thread and did not find it. I located a
find command in my news reader, whose scope is limited to a single post at
a time, and used it in every post in the thread. Still nothing. I went into
Google groups and searched it there with the browser's find command and
still nothing. I know it was there because I remember seeing it but I can't
find it now. Can you possibly remind me what I was supposed to do?

I must have remembered this wrong. I coulda sworn someone suggested to use the
"-D" option per
which in the section entitled "Configuration File"
points you to "See the LogManager API Specification for details."
where it tells you

??In addition, the LogManager uses two optional system properties that allow
more control over reading the initial configuration:

These two properties may be set via the Preferences API, or as command line
property definitions to the "java" command, or as system property definitions
passed to JNI_CreateJavaVM.??

I don't have these link chains memorized, dude. I'm literally reading the
documentation on your behalf and reporting what I discover.

There's only so far you can get as a programmer asking others to read the
documentation for you.

study the Javadocs for

Do I actually need to open the file and read it, as if
it were a routine text file, to find the desired log path? That seems

I'm only suggesting you study those Javadocs to understand how the system
searches for resources.

For what it's worth, someone else told me to add it to the classpath for
the project so I went into Run Configurations, chose the Classpath tab and
added the folder containing under "User Entries". I also

Umm - cargo cult.

deleted my old java%u.log files because I'm sick of looking at them and
finding that no new java.log has joined them and none of the old ones has
changed. I ran the sandbox program again and the println() displayed the
path to the file. The INFO, SEVERE, and WARNING messages
got displayed on the console, just as they did before I made the visible. But there is STILL NO LOG FILE in the
%h directory!

This is really getting annoying. I really want to play with logging now
that I have a better grasp on it and I can't find the bloody thing for love
or money....

Didn't someone already ask you to share your file with us?
Have you done so?

Regardless, you are asking questions now that the documentation answers. I
have read the documentation for you and reported what I found, to a degree.

So will your next post be another request to read the documentation for you?

Honi soit qui mal y pense.

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