Re: connecting to a database

"Andrew Thompson" <>
25 Nov 2006 20:16:07 -0800
Denz wrote:

"w00" <> wrote in message

Hello, i've installed NetBeans with the Derby Database. I've created a
table with some content in it. Now i want to create a simple JSP file
where i can connect to the database and select an item from a table.
I just dont know how to do that, i couldn't find anything on the net
either about this. So i hope someone here can help me out.

I have no idea about Derby specifically, but assuming it connects just the
same as any other JDBC connection, you may be able to get some pointers
from this page i put together for connecting to a MySQL database from jsp
pages (using Tomcat as the jsp server):

There is nothing quite like making a public statement
in an archiveable medium to find out ..I'm wrong. ;-)

Nice page. I especially like the styling (info. seems
good and clear, too).

BTW - noticed one tiny typo. just before the start of
step 2 - 'atleast' with no space.

Andrew T.

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