Re: Best practice for managing jsp segments?

Lew <>
Thu, 04 Jan 2007 21:35:52 -0500
Steve wrote:

I have a web-based project (in Eclipse) with some jsp files and in the best
tradition I have modularized them so the top level jsp has many
<jsp:include> tags to include other parts. Now, I am using stylesheets
extensively and I'm having problems working out the best way to get the
stylesheets included in the page.

Chris wrote:

Plus, you're going to have common styles across all the sub pages, so
you need to have at least one common style sheet anyway.

I do not find big use of <jsp:include> to be a best practice. At all.

On most projects where it (or <%@include...%>) figured prominently, they only
served to fragment the layout, which is IMHO better apprehended when all in a
single artifact (at least, per frame, and exclusive of independent header or
footer blocks). Not only that, there are interactions wrt variable
declarations (in <jsp:useBean...> and the like) that can make maintenance a bitch.

I'd stay away from includes and modularize using backing logic beans, tag
libraries and the MVC pattern instead.

- Lew

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