Re: ***Urgent Requirements for Software Professionals in INDIA***

Lew <lew@lewscanon.nospam>
Fri, 15 Jun 2007 07:07:44 -0400
Info Kiran <> wrote:

We are a well established US based Software Consulting company..
We are rated as "One of the Top 500 Consulting Company" all over US.
Our client list includes fortune 500 companies. {Direct Clients}

And yet you don't have your own email domain. Now that /is/ well established!

All the big companies these days have their people use gmail addresses. Tchyah.

We are looking for several software professionals, with Minimum of 2+
Years of Technical Expertise
for our onsite requirements all over INDIA

"INDIA". Not "India". I wonder why?

with the following Skill sets.

Also why the need to capitalize "Skill"? Oh, wait, the literary standard must
match the professionalism that drives their choice of email domain.

Dot Net Developers.
Java Developers.
QA Testers.
Mainframe Professionals.
Oracle Developers.
PL/SQL Developers.
SAP Professionals.
PEOPLESOFT Professionals.
SIEBEL Professionals.
Yantra and WCS Professionals.
Web Technologies - Java, J2EE, JSP, Struts, Weblogic, Websphere,
Client Server - Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle DBAs
Open Systems - C, C++, UNIX, Shell Scripting
IBM Mainframes - Cobol, Cics ,DB2, JCL, Vsam, IMS-DB / DC
Data Architects - Specialize in any one of Oracle / Sybase / DB2 / SQL
Server or Open-Source Databases.
Oracle / Sybase / DB2 / SQL Server Specialist - Specialize in any one
of Oracle / Sybase / DB2 / SQL Server
or Open-Source Databases.

Must also be expert at brewing chai.

E-mail your resumes as .doc attachment to: kiran-itjobs@indiaspam.spam

Don't forget the macro viruses!


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