Re: problem with seam and sjsas

Lew <>
Mon, 13 Aug 2007 19:06:52 -0400
qweer wrote:

U???ytkownik "Lew" <> napisa??? w wiadomo???ci

Lew wrote:

You have a backing bean named "test" defined by a "managed-bean" tag in
faces-config.xml, or should, that is invoked by "action" attribute of a
commandButton or commandLink in your JSP, which code you have not shown
us. Either the bean doesn't have a test() method or you failed to define
that backing bean in your faces-config.xml.

qweer wrote:

 <h:commandButton value="Click me" action="#{test.test}"/>

That confirms part of what I said, yes.

I think I don't have to define in faces-config any manage bean (meybe I'm

Maybe you don't, but you still have to have a test() method for the JSP EL
expression to invoke. Remember, your error is:

javax.el.MethodNotFoundException: /template-client.xhtml @23,78
action="#{test.test}": Method not found: test.TestLocal_15902127.test()
javax.faces.el.MethodNotFoundException: javax.el.MethodNotFoundException:
/template-client.xhtml @23,78 action="#{test.test}": Method not found:

This tells you that the test() method doesn't exist. I also wonder what the
"TestLocal_.+" part of the class name is.

The problem is with the EL expression mentioned in the error message. Is
there such a method?


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