Re: Eclipse: html pages in jsp editor

Lew <>
Mon, 08 Jun 2009 08:39:03 -0400
Aaron Fude wrote:

My jsp pages need to have a .html extension. I seem to have setup a

JSP pages get a .jsp extension. The application server, e.g., Tomcat,
compiles those into servlets which emit HTML at run time. They do this via
the action of a class that gets stored in a .class file by the application
server compilation. There never is a .html file.

proper association but I still don't get a java [sic] aware environment.

What is your environment?

I am willing to bet that whatever you mean by an "association" (what do you
mean by that?) or "to have setup" one did not involve packaging JSP, HTML,
resources and class files into a WAR file (one with a .war extension and a
JAR-file internal format), nor deploying that WAR file to the application
server, which is the correct way to "setup" a Web application.

What's the trick? I remember being able to do this a while back, maybe
in an earlier version.

The trick is to package the JSP files, the HTML files (those that do have a
..html extension), resources (like images), bytecode (.class files), and
certain configuration files into a WAR file, then to deploy that WAR to your
application server using the application server's tools to do so.


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