Re: need help in JSTL/STRUTS + Custom Tag

"Hole" <>
5 Oct 2006 02:56:29 -0700
Manish Pandit ha scritto:

You can use EL and get attributes from the session. Something like
${sessionScope.result} and ${sessionScope.currentPage}. If you want to
do it in your tag, and u're using the Classic Model, you can use
pageContext.getRequest().getSession().getAttribute(). If you're using
the Simple Model, you will use jspContext().findAttribute().


Thanks a lot for you replies.
I tried to use EL in my tag but I get any errors.

I've found the following solution (STRUTS save the form bean in the
scope session, so you can retrieve the fields with

<bean:define id="pagex" name="searchForm" property="page" />
<bean:define id="results" name="searchForm" property="results" />
<bean:define id="range" name="searchForm" property="range" />

<!-- I would remove this scriptlet -->
   String pagexS=String.valueOf(pagex);
   String resultsS=String.valueOf(results);
   String rangeS=String.valueOf(range);

<!-- at my tag -->
<p:pager range="<%= rangeS %>" results="<%= resultsS %>" page="<%=
pagexS %>" />

If I save variables in a session and use something like <p:pager
range="${sessionScope.range}"...I get a runtime exception because
${var} is not resolved.

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