Re: JSP/sendRedirect() problem...

maya <>
Fri, 05 Jan 2007 11:11:31 -0500
maya wrote:

Andrew Thompson wrote:

Methinks the confusion in this thread is being compuonded
by the top-posting style of each of the respondents, but note that..

  if (theSponsor.equals("") || theSponsor == null) {

If theSponsor *is* null, this should throw an NPE
before it hits the second test.

I might suggest instead..
   if ( theSponsor == null || theSponsor.equals("") ) {

..or another alternate..
  if ( theSponsor == null || theSponsor.trim().equals("") ) {

Andrew T.

hi Andrew, long time no talk, this is Frances, posting under a different
 name (for various reasons.. all innocuous ...;)

first of all, I did change my if-clause to your above line,
 if (theSponsor == null || theSponsor.trim().equals("") ) {
thank you.. (I had forgotten that null-test should always go first..)

it turns out that, just as I thought, this problem has to do w/tiles and
variable scope; don't know if you know struts/tiles, I just learned,
after talking to a knowledgeable java guy here, that each tile gets
converted into a different servlet, which raises a whole lot of
variable-scope issues (since then presumably there is a different
jsp_service() method for EACH TILE...)

what I ended up doing:

in controller page (page that calls the tiles, don't know if this
correct terminology, this is what we call them here):

  String theSponsor = "";
  theSponsor = request.getParameter("sponsor");
   if (theSponsor == null || theSponsor.trim().equals("") ) {

tiles-code here...

in tile itself then, had to declare a new var to grab same param but
with a different name, thus:

  String theSponsorA = "";
  theSponsorA = request.getParameter("sponsor");
  if (theSponsorA != null || !theSponsorA.trim().equals("") ) {

    CUSTOM-TAG HERE, with var above as a param-value..

<% } %>

hope this makes sense, at any rate this is what worked...

thank you for your help..

btw, whole reason I had to do what I ended up doing is that java guy
here told me redirects don't work in tiles, only in controller pages..

I have a WHOLE LOT of struts still to learn (as this is all we do here,
different job, started here last August..)

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