gettting Params from request...

maya <>
Wed, 06 Jun 2007 16:05:06 -0400
hi, for my photoblog ('m trying to do a
little interface to insert captions for the photos.. in this interface..

interface code:
      for (int i=1; i < fc; i++) {
   <textarea name="caption<%=i%>" class="fill2" value=""></textarea>
   ('fc' is how many files there are in 'images' dir.. (after massaging
string inside a for-loop to make sure only count jpg's, etc..)

eventually will put everything in a db; need to associate photo with its

I have this code to grab captions, but it's not working too well..

Enumeration paramNamesRaw = request.getParameterNames();
while (paramNamesRaw.hasMoreElements()) {
   paramNames = paramNamesRaw.nextElement().toString();
   if (paramNames.indexOf("caption") != -1) {
     out.println(paramNames + " -- ");
     String[] paramValues = request.getParameterValues(paramNames);
     if (paramValues != null) {
       for (int i=0; i < paramNames.length; i++) {
         if (paramValues[i] == null || paramValues[i].equals("")) {
           paramValues[i] = "no caption";
         out.println(paramValues[i] + " -- <br><br>");
         out.println(i + ".jpg<br><br>"); // why does this print 0.jpg
                                           // in all cases???????

if I do, for each 'caption' param , request.getParameter("caption")

how do I do this for all 'caption' params, since I don't know how many
there will be? (I have a file-count function that tells me how many
jpg's there are in 'images' file.. and this captions pg will be used for
all pgs in blog, and for each pg in photoblog there is a diff no. of

so I need something like:
caption1 = "caption for photo 1"
    and associate this caption with 1.jpg.. etc..

what is best way to do this...

thank you..

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