Re: Put scriptlet lines in a class

 Daniel Pitts <>
Wed, 29 Aug 2007 17:50:24 -0000
On Aug 29, 8:49 am, "" <> wrote:

I have this scriptlet working in a JSP and was wondering how I can put
it in a class file and call it in my JSP.

<jsp:useBean id="pageinfo" class="mypackage.PageInfo" scope="session"/

if (pageinfo!=null) {
   if (pageinfo.isFirst()) {
       out.println("<a href=first.jsp>first</a>");


Would this be close because I am not sure how to create the method?

//in the class file
package mypackage;
import mypackage.pageinfo;

public String mymethod()
if (pageinfo!=null) {
   if (pageinfo.isFirst()) {
       out.println("<a href=first.jsp>first</a>");


Then call it like this in JSP?

<% mymethod(); %>

I dont have JSTL or Struts on this Tomcat 4.1.27 container that I am
working on.

You'd have to pass a PageInfo object to "mymethod". I would suggest
having mymethod return a string, rather than call out.println. that
way you can call it like:

<%= MyUtilsClass.mymethod(pageinfo) %>

public class MyUtilsClass {

   public static String mymethod(PageInfo pageinfo) {
        if (pageinfo != null && pageinfo.isFirst()) {
           return "<a href=\"first.jsp\">first</a>
        return "";

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