Re: JSP, Arabic text and Oracle

"Andrew Thompson" <>
12 Feb 2007 05:30:32 -0800
On Feb 7, 10:18 pm, "javadev" <> wrote:

I have a problem saving Arabic text entered through a JSP into the
Oracle database.

This probably come down to the
HTML, but since we have any number
of J2EE gurus about these parts
that bark at me whenever I suggest
that folks asking such questions do
so on an HTML group, I ignored the
thread at first - to give them some
time/space to sort this.

(looks around..)

OK, lets have a look at it..

I have set the character encoding on my JSPs to UTF-8 as well as set
the charset to UTF-8.


<%@page contentType="text/html; charset=utf-8; language=java" %>

Ummm.. The server might 'speak' Java,
but the 'language' is intended to indicate
the language of the document *content*.

I am not sure if DTD based validation
goes as far as checking language
attributes, but you might give it
a try at..

Further, I strongly suggest you get a
static version of a page (i.e. HTML)
working, and validated, before
attempting to do it as JSP or a servlet.
If having problems with the Java side
of it, check the output exactly matches
the HTML being produced.


Andrew T.

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