Re: LookupDispatchAction, buttons with the same name....

Lew <>
Thu, 15 Mar 2007 22:01:38 -0400
<> wrote:

I'm using LookupDispatchAction and this action is used from a form in
which depending on the request parameter I will either have a save and
clear button, or a save, cancel and update button.
The problem is that when I only have a save and clear button, the save
button should call the savePerson method, when I have three buttons
the save button should call update method. One name, different
methods, but still one form, one jsp page.

Strictly speaking, buttons don't call server methods, buttons report
information to server methods.

I am not so familiar with the getKeyMethodMap() idiom you showed, probably
because I avoid the Struts bean: and logic: custom tag libraries in favor of
HTML and JSTL. I usually use the button value as the key to the handler,
either directly in the code (bad!) or via a property file similar to what you
showed. That is pretty much the same as what you have, except that instead of
the bean:message value, it keys off request.getParameter( submitButtonName ).

The property file would fill the Map similarly to how you did it:

--------- = Save
button.update = Update

code fragment (error-handling elided):
Map handlers = new HashMap();
handlers.put( props.getProperty( "" ), SavePersonHandler.class );
handlers.put( props.getProperty( "button.update" ), UpdatePersonHandler.class );

JSP fragment:
   <c:when test='${empty fixErrorsPage}'>
     <input type="submit" id="save"
            name="submit" value="${save}" />
     <input type="submit" id="update"
            name="submit" value="${update}" />
where the EL variables 'save' and 'update' have been defined from the properties.

Sorry, I realize this doesn't answer your question. It's just another view at
how one might do it.

-- Lew

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