Re: Iterating over a map with JSTL

 Daniel Pitts <>
Thu, 30 Aug 2007 15:26:00 -0000
On Aug 30, 7:46 am, Christine Mayer <> wrote:


I've got an object that contains 2 attributes - a String and a map,
which contains a set of Strings.
I want to iterate over these objects, and so I also want to iterate
over the map, and print out key and value.
I've read this wasn't possible and one should instead iterate over the
values, something like:
<c:forEach var="loop" items="${hashmap.values}"

But that just isn't what I need - I need both, key and value. I know I
could also just as well create a proprietary object that contains 2
Strings each - but imho in this case this is just too much overhead.

What can you recommend me to do? Maybe I should write a method into my
bean "getNextKey" and "getNextValue - the problem is if someone would
call "getNextKey" on the view twice then the keys and values wouldn't
mach anymore - in otherwise I would like to leave the control of the
map to Java...

Thanks in advance,


have you tried (this is untested)
<c:forEach var="entry" items="${hashmap}">
  ${entry.key} = ${entry.value}

Or, if you can iterator over the keySet(), you can get the value that
corrisponds to that key: <c:forEach var="key" items="$
{hashmap.keySet}"> ${key] = ${hasmap[key]}

I haven't tested these, so they might not work. Let me know if they do.

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