Re: Static imports in JSP pages

Lew <>
Tue, 30 Oct 2007 19:40:38 -0400
Manish Pandit wrote:

On Oct 30, 10:03 am, "Kenneth P. Turvey" <kt-> wrote:

I've been writing a web application for a client. It isn't a large
affair, but it is important to the client. In so doing I've used static
imports on some of my pages. It just makes the JSP code look a bit
cleaner. The import I've used looks like:

<%@ page import="static*" %>

This works fine under TomCat so I assumed it was supported by the
standard. Unfortunately when I try to run the same code under Resin, I
have no success.

So, the question is, "Are static imports supported by the JSP standard?"
and, "If they are how does one do them in a portable manner?"

Is Resin broken?


I've been posting a number of questions recently. I apologize for the
extra bandwidth I've been using. Normally I spend more time answering
questions than asking them, but lately I've run into any number of issues.

I'll try to even out the Karma balance over the next few months.

Thanks again.

Kenneth P. Turvey <>

AFAIK, regulat imports are supported and are a part of the spec (as
the @page directive). Do you have to use static imports? I believe
they just improve the readability and have no impact on performance/

Really he shouldn't have any imports in the JSP, because there shouldn't be
any scriptlet in the JSP.


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