Re: Struts 1 or Struts 2

Lew <>
Sun, 04 May 2008 10:44:27 -0400
Duke wrote:

I am new to struts willing to learn.
its said that struts1 and struts2 are different,
So what should i learn its struts1 or struts2.

I've worked with Struts 1.x on a few projects, and it's entirely adequate. It
contains many tag libraries that have been largely superseded by JSTL tags.
Struts 2 is more pared down, containing tags more to the core purpose of the
framework. It seems to first glance more mature than 1.x, and is inarguably
much leaner. I've not used version 2 yet myself, so I'm speaking only from
having gone over the web site a few times with a similar question in my mind.

My teammates on those Struts projects sometimes seemed to know the API
perfectly by rote without grokking the harmony of the (simplified)
model-view-controller architecture underlying it. I assess that the Struts 2
API is less likely to lead to error. It should also live more harmoniously
with other HTML graft-on frameworks, like JSTL, XHTML, client-side magic, and
all that rot. Frameworks are like hairstyles the way they go in and out of
fashion, so living well with others is a big plus in my book.

Engineer assistive features into your user-interface designs.


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