Re: Seeking a simple java code generator for database CRUD web applications

Daniel Pitts <>
Mon, 19 May 2008 15:03:23 -0700
<4831f928$0$11175$> wrote:

I am seeking a code generator to build simple CRUD (create / read /
update / delete) web applications in java. *OR* I would like a good
example with source code of a simple (yet functional) CRUD web
application that I can then build a generator around (using Velocity
or something similar) or use as a template for creating new

My wish list is as follows:

1) Simplicity is key, ease of programming and readability are key.
The generator itself and the generated code is to be used both for
real work and to serve as a learning tool for new java programmers

2) Very little reliance on frameworks. I do not wants Struts /
Spring / Hibernate / EJBs or things like that. Very simple and
straightforward MVC is what I'm looking for: Controller servlet,
DAO / DTO POJO objects representing the table elements, JSP using JSTL
tags to implement the output. Simple.

Frameworks like Spring and Hibernate are how you create "Simple."
Hibernate with Spring is relatively easy to utilize, and it does the
simple and straightforward MVC that you're asking for. Hibernate also
works well with POJOs.

3) Integration with Eclipse would be nice but not essential.

I do not need a full web application framework generator, I do not
want Ruby on Rails or dependency injection or anything like that.
This isn't intended to be next killer app. This is intended to be a
tool for quick generation of table maintenance applications, where the
generated code is to be used and modified by novice Java programmers.

Hibernate is great for novice Java programmers. Not using a framework
is bad for novice Java programmers.

So either (1) an application generator, or (2) a good example of a
simple table maintenance web application would be great. I could
always build a straightforward CRUD app myself and use that as the
template, and I started doing that, but if someone has done the work
already that I can build on, well, that's all the better.

You could also look into PHP myAdmin if all you want is generic table

Thanks very much in advance...

You're welcome.

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