Re: Porting a JSF based application from Netbeans 6.1 to Eclipse Ganymede 3.4

Wed, 2 Jul 2008 08:15:06 -0700 (PDT)
Rakesh wrote:

A slightly more generic question - What are some of the best toolkits
available for doing Web Development.
JSF looks like a huge overkill to me, with the myriad of code going

"Overkill" is such a great criticism - it doesn't require objective
measurement, explanation of "enoughkill" or evidence that the needs it
does fill are not widespread. You simply wave your magic pejorative
and dismiss all the considerable value of the JSF framework with a
sneer. "Overkill" - well, let's not go there then.

So before I refute your assertion that JSF is "overkill", much less
"huge overkill", please tell us what is appropriate "enoughkill"?

What evidence do you have that the need for the power of JSF is not

How well do you know JSF, to determine that it is such a "huge

I've been learning JSF, and in its simplest use cases I find it no
more difficult than regular JSP programming with EL and JSTL. With
barely more effort than that, I get components that do all sorts of
things that would be very, very difficult for me to recapitulate, like
tree displays and declarative connection to business logic. JSF
provides "huge" functionality with "not huge" effort.

Even better, you can use libraries like Tobago on top of JSF and get
prepackaged functionality that you'd take months to recreate. So far
I'm finding that JSF "hugely" accelerates productivity, and the
professionalism of the finished product.



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