Re: Taking a step forward in JAVA programming

Lew <>
Mon, 05 Jul 2010 04:54:20 -0400
Ken wrote:

If we really want to take a step forward in JAVA [sic] programming probably
we need to see what is new around. This is not an advertisement,

Sure it isn't.

though I am in fact one of developers of this thing. I see that
participants of this group are really experienced and qualified and
would like to know your opinion about one new framework named

I'm not impressed.

It's like the worst of JSP but dropping the <% %> makes it really hard to read
the code. You claim to have MVC structure, but mingle presentation and logic
willy-nilly. You're not supposed to do that in JSP either, but at least when
you do there's a visual clue.

In the code examples you don't set off tag attributes in quotes. You don't
follow the Java naming conventions, or even consistently spell the name of the
Java language correctly in your site. You leave off the curly braces in code
blocks. That sort of carelessness in your code examples might mean nothing
but it raises red flags.

Your tags are weird - not really HTML-like at all. You also don't follow
modern conventions for HTML.

You place arbitrary rules for page-file directory structures, which JSP does not.

Tag libraries are cleaner than your approach.

You try to sound better than JSP. Aside from the fact that you aren't, the
world is moving to XHTML-based frameworks, such as facelets, putting you ever
farther behind the times.

I recommend folks stick with JSP or facelets for Java web stuff, and use
stricter MVC separation than you show.


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