Re: Developing a Team collaboration/MIS web app

Lew <>
Fri, 4 May 2012 06:54:47 -0700 (PDT)
ruds wrote:

I want to develop a team collaboration /MIS system for my
department.Previously I have used JSP for this, but I want to add more
features and change the look and feel of the current system.For the
backend I'll be using MySQL and server is Linux.
Which technology will be the best for this? JSP, JSF, JavaFx, or
something else?
Please tell me as I'm very confused.
I know JSP but others I will have to learn, so which will have a low
learning curve? Also, I will be working on this single handedly - from
concept to design to programming.

JavaFx is rather different from the other things you mentioned. Have you looked over
what each of these things is, first?

Which tech you use depends on many things, most of which you haven't mentioned here.
For example, what look and feel do you want, how does it differ from what you've got now,
and why do you want to change it? What are the functional and UI goals of your next phase?

No wonder you're confused if you haven't planned any features yet.

Unless your new stuff has a real need for things that JSP cannot handle, there's little
technical reason to leave it.

As for "low learning curve", nothing really has a low enough learning curve to layer onto
a project deadline unless you are particularly adept at using unfamiliar tech, as some are.

Your learning curve is almost entirely independent of what you're learning, and almost
entirely dependent on how good you are now. Without seeing your current JSP code, I
cannot tell you how bad your learning curve will be. You say you "know" JSP. Really?


Many people mean radically different things by a statement like, "I know JSP." For example,
do you ever put raw Java source into a JSP (as between "<% ... %>")? If so, you don't know JSP.

How do you ensure that an EL expression like "#{foo}" refers to something in page scope?

Do you use EL?

How's your XML? JSF is a great technology, really good for making slick, responsive web
apps, but its programming model is rather different from what you're used to with JSP.
(It's more similar to Swing, if you ask me.) It works with JSP, but the modern way is with
XHTML. It's better that way, I think.


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