Re: NoSuchMethodError , though the method is present!

"Raga" <>
14 Oct 2006 03:53:01 -0700
Hi, Thanks for your patient reply. First of all, it doesn't seem to
take into account the new jar file itself. It seems to take the
classes' bytecodes from its cache or something like that. How do I
clear the cache & make JVM take/use the new classes?


Lothar Kimmeringer wrote:

Raga wrote:

    public String getQuery() {
        if (this.query == null) {

            if (this.propertyStore != null) {
                if(this.propertyStore.containsKey(Constants.SQL)) {
                    query = (String) propertyStore.get(Constants.SQL);
                else if(this.propertyStore.containsKey(Constants.DATA_QUERY)) {
                    query = (String) propertyStore.get(Constants.DATA_QUERY);

            if (query == null) {
                return "";

            query = query.trim().replaceAll("\r\n|\r|\n", " ");

Assuming that propertyStore is a Map, there are only "standard-methods"
being called (containsKey, get, trim, replaceAll).

What version of Java is used for executing? replaceAll has been added
to Java in Version 1.4.

  "Query is " + query);

If you get the error with running with Java 1.4 or higher, the problem
must be here then. Check if the Class behind "logger" maybe is in another
Jar in the classpath that is of an older version, that doesn't contain

        at devapi.GenericDataHandler.getQuery(Unknown Source)

You should compile your class without optimization to get the
exact line-number where the error occured. That allows to stop
guessing where the problem might be.

Regards, Lothar
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