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Daniel Pitts <>
Sun, 04 May 2008 16:58:11 -0700
<481ddccd$0$22607$> wrote:

I have a static method which has the following signature.

public static List createBeanCollection(){

I can't chage this, now this is the problem. how can i pass it
so in the method i can use them and return a dinamic list of objects,
i'm using ibatis
for test purposes i did the following.

public static List createBeanCollection(){
   MiBean m = new MiBean();
   List beans = new ArrayList();
   return beans;


ok, it works fine, but now i want to replace the list i created by
hand with an
object that makes a query over a db, so the code would be this.
public static List createBeanCollection(){
   List beans = miDao.onbtenObjetosPorId(valor);//dao that retrives
object from a db.
   return beans;
but i cant use the "valor" parameter, due is not possible to use a no
in a static method. at the moment i've resolved it in this way

public static int valor;//the variable was declared as static.

public static List createBeanCollection(){
   List beans = miDao.onbtenObjetosPorId(valor);//i can use it now
   return beans;
however this solution is not the best, because i'm expossing the
properties of my class
hope you can help me with this little problem, just remember i can't
change the method

Thank you in advance.

If you need to pass something in, you should make sure its thread safe.
  One way to do that is have a ThreadLocal with your parameters.

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