Re: I get a null pointer when running my applet

"Andrew Thompson" <>
16 Jan 2007 19:56:19 -0800
Justin wrote:

Well, I am uber new to java,

Don't worry - you are making good progress.
(But please use words like "'very' new", so that even
an e.g. *Aussie* can understand what you mean)

(big snip..)

And actually, up until a few hours ago, I did not realize that I could
make an executable .jar file which I think is what I am going to do.

You are heading in just the right direction to make
this much better for your users, and much easier to
deploy and ..update, but..

And then copy that file onto the desktop of any computer that will use
the program.

No! This application and deployment is almost *made*
for deployment as an application (like you are making
in the executable .jar file) but *deployed/launched*
by Java Web Start - direct from the network.

Have a look over some of these web start examples
to get a look and feel for how easy it is for the user ..
...most of these are sandboxed, but they can also
prompt for extended permissions, if needed.

Umm.. oh yeah. Note that we have gone somewhat
off on a tangent on this sub-thread, and at this instant,
I have no revelations about your NPE, though I intend
to review the thread and see if I can spot anything..

There *might* be something wrong with the DB
access itself, but I am no DB expert, and those
folks tend to frequent either c.l.j.programmer or

Would you accept my advice to widen the post
to one or the other of those groups?

If you think that is a good idea, please mention
right here, on this thread, rather than try it yourself.

Widening a post can be taken badly, and
it needs to be handled just the right way.
...If it is going to have a good chance not to
make people irritable!

Andrew T.

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