Re: Is there an actual EXIT or QUIT command in java?

Nigel Wade <>
Fri, 02 Feb 2007 10:14:18 +0000
Andrew Thompson wrote:

On Feb 2, 1:36 am, Nigel Wade <> wrote:

Andrew Thompson wrote:


It is easier, with web-start.


But if what you really want is cross-platform, why restrict it unnecessarily


using an method which is only provided on a subset of the Java platforms?

What Java platforms were you talking about,
J2SE? What deployment method are you
talking about?

By "platform" I was referring to OS.

I was referring to web-start. Java web start
can work on most Win., Mac. and Linux/Unix
OS's for which Java is available.
e.g.(s) <>

Which is hardly a comprehensive list of all available platforms. There are/were
platforms for which there is a JVM and applet plugin, but no WebStart. That was
my point. By promoting WebStart over applets you are unnecessarily restricting
the usability of the final product.

Is JWS Open Source? Can it be ported to other platforms, or is it only available
on those platforms for which Sun have decided to create a version? I don't
know, I don't use it because until recently our main platform was sgi IRIX.
There was no JWS for IRIX, so for Web based visualization applets were our only
option. sgi certainly showed no inclination to provide JWS for IRIX even if
they were able to do so. I doubt Sun would do it as they regard Solaris as
their main asset and are hardly likely to help another competing vendor's OS.

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