Re: Jar file only works on my pc

"Andrew Thompson" <>
4 Feb 2007 03:03:00 -0800
On Feb 4, 9:39 pm, wrote:

I use the this command line to create the jar:

jar cmf yo hello.jar *.gif *.class

'cause my manifest is in a file called "yo"

is this the jar tool you were on about in the JDK?

It is best to quote a little of what you are replying
to (if practical), to give context.

But if you are referring to my earlier comments,
then 'yes'. That is certainly the command.

Note also that you were unsure if the '$' classes
were a problem. That form of the command
('*.class') should find and include all the classes.

Yeah, sorry! It is about an application, but I was wondering if it was
a problem with the actual class rather than the jar as my friend
couldn't even get the applet to work!

Yes, but that applet is loose class files, not
a jar file. (And it would be far better to package
the classes into a jar, for any applet.)

Other thoughts. Since you obviously have
a site, why not upload your jar to it, so we
can have a look at it.

Also, I think this is well suited to a 'web start'*
(JWS) launch, since you have a site, and it
requires at least Java 1.2+ (JWS can handle
the Java versioning for your friend, or at least,
prompt them to update, if needed).

* e.g.'s <>

Note that a JWS launch might also be valuable
for debugging.

Andrew T.

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